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Prevent weeds and boost production...      
The natural alternative to black plastic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

WeedGuardPlus® Prevent weeds and boost production...naturally.

Q: How does WeedGuardPlus block weeds?
A: WeedGuardPlus is 100% opaque. No light gets through the material: the weeds have no light so they can't grow. Period.

Q: How long does it last?
A: WeedGuardPlus is engineered to last one growing season: it decomposes gradually over about an eight-month period. Any remaining product can be tilled or plowed into the soil.

Q: What is it made from?
A: WeedGuardPlus is a paper-like material made from specially-engineered cellulose fiber. It's a natural formulation with no harmful chemicals.

Q: How does water get to the soil and plants below?
A: The unique WeedGuardPlus formula is highly porous: air and water pass through it to the soil and plants.

Q: Why doesn't it fall apart when it gets wet?
A: WeedGuardPlus contains a specially designed, FDA approved, wet-strength component. This keeps the material together when it gets wet, and allows it to withstand even torrential rains.

Q: WeedGuardPlus is offered in Fertilized and Non-Fertilized versions: what's the difference?
A: The base formula for both products the same. Fertilizer enriched WeedGuardPlus has the added benefit of a 5-5-5 NPK nutritive commercial fertilizer component. The Non-Fertilized version is formulated with the same base structure, minus the fertilizer enhancement.

Q: With fertilizer-enriched WeedGuardPlus, how do these nutrients get to the soil and plants?
A: The fertilizer enrichment in WeedGuardPlus is suspended within the material and is time-released. This allows valuable nutrients to slowly percolate into the soil and boost plant development.

Q: I bought the Fertilizer enriched WeedGuardPlus. How does the 5-5-5 in WeedGuardPlus compare with other powder or liquid fertilizers?
A: This is the same all-purpose 5-5-5 nutritional formulation used in other balanced-formula fertilizers. But here's the unique WeedGuardPlus advantage: our product design assures that the fertilizer is locally — not broadly — dispersed, so the fertilizer directly targets the plant below.

Q: Why is WeedGuardPlus brown in color?
A: Look and functionality! WeedGuardPlus is soil-brown to be esthetically appealing. In addition, this darker color can absorb sunlight and convert light to heat — warming the soil and aiding earlier plant development.

Q: How thick is the material?
A: WeedGuardPlus Natural/Organic Standard Weight is about as thick as a business card, but of course more pliable. The New Heavy Weight (offered in Natural/Organic Non-Fertilized) is twice as heavy and twice as strong — it's still pliable and it lasts longer.

Q: I'm used to using a black plastic mulch layer. What are the advantages of WeedGuardPlus?
A: WeedGuardPlus saves you time and money by eliminating retrieval costs. It's also better for the environment and much more versatile. Unlike black plastic, WeedGuardPlus can be cut with scissors for custom fitting to any garden layout.