Customer Feedback

Hi Mike

I just placed an order today for 4 more rolls.  The below picture was from last year and our strawberries are doing fantastic.  Our weeding time dropped from 4 weeks to 3 days.  Thank you for making such a great product and saving my back.  We laid the paper down by hand with my quad holding the roll.  The berry plants were already in the ground.  It took a day to lay out the 1500'.

Luna Farms, 2017                             


LunaFarms_Strawberries_Planted_smallerpic_   LunaFarms_Strawberries_smallerpic_-1

"It is a great product.  I have a small garden, so I did not use all of the roll, but I will always use WeedGuardPlus to keep weeds down in my vegetable garden."
- Larry M.

I appreciate your level of customer service and interest in my experience with your product.

I used the product in a clean seed bed to plant tomato and pepper transplants into. Using an "X" cut, i transplanted seedlings into 4" square hole. The area planted into has a high weed seed load. Unfortuantely, after two weeks, aggressive thistles had push up and through the paper. Frustratingly, I had to remove the Weedguard and hand weed the thistle and other weeds to save the plants. I do not attribute this issue to inferior product, rather a very aggressive thistle population that was determined to find daylight.

On a more positive note, I am a competitive giant pumpkin grower. I transplanted giant pumpkin seedlings into a 4' x 4' square of weedguard, using the same 4" square cut hole as described above. This area did not exhibit the intense thistle pressure as the above location and resulted in a well managed, clean perimeter surrounding the base of the giant pumpkin plants. I'm very pleased with this outcome and intend to utilize the product in this fashion henceforth. Not having to compact or disturb the soil area around the base of the pumpkin seedlings was a great benefit to their establishment. The dark color of the paper also allowed the seedling and soil absorb and retain heat during the cool spring weather up here in northern WI.

Its a great product and I look forward to future experiences with it!
- Joe A.

I have had one of the best, if not the best tomato crops this year. My complaint with the weed guard is that it did not last very long, about 45 days and completely disintegrated.
- Pete M.

My purchase of WeedGuardPlus 100% biodegradable mulch has been a good experience. I was not able to use it in a Spring planting, but my summer garden has worked out well with minimal weed care. I am gardening for only one person and have it in various spots. This year is the first that I have had pole beans and it has been a delight.

My Garden May 2015

- Mary B.

It is working quite well for me and my garden. I put it down and then put grass clippings on top. Weed free garden, berries and such (more).
- Bonnie M.