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Production Agriculture

Conventional and Organic

WeedGuardPlus effectively suppresses annual and perennial weeds, conserves soil moisture, and fits within mechanical farm operations. It's the renewable alternative to traditional black plastic mulches—you get the same performance but without the costs of removal and disposal.

WeedGuardPlus is 100% biodegradable. You just till it under with your crop. With no more separate clean-up and disposal steps, this means a significant savings in time, labor, and fuel.
(Bonus! By tilling under WeedGuardPlus, you add 1000 pounds of carbon per acre without leaching chemicals or additives into the soil.)

WeedGuardPlus is porous to both water and oxygen. This allows you to use the product with overhead irrigation and of course capture natural rainfall. Unlike black plastic mulches, WeedGuardPlus does not restrict use to drip irrigation only.
WeedGuardPlus is specifically formulated to retain its strength and integrity when it is wet and after it has dried.
With multiple weights, widths and length of rolls, there is a WeedGuardPlus product that fits your production methods. Be sure to check out the creped, pre-punched rolls and fertilized options.

WeedGuardPlus allows air to freely circulate through the soil, promoting a healthy root system: this is in direct contrast to the unhealthy anoxic conditions that often occur under black plastic mulches.

Creped rolls allow for greater strength and plasticity, providing easier machine application using a standard mulch layer. (The creping allows the paper to contour to the shape of the bed, providing continuous soil-to-mulch contact.)
Our Installation section gives you a step-by-step look at the simple adjustments needed to make to ensure easy application for whatever product you choose.

Pre-punched mulches come in a variety of options that are suitable for all cropping systems spacing. WeedGuardPlus offers 5 rows, double rows, and single row options. This pre-punching provides consistent and precise plant spacing, and is a tremendous time saver.

The fertilized rolls contain a 5-5-5 fertilizer embedded within the paper itself. This fertilizer slowly releases into the soil as the season progresses, providing continuous feeding for plants.

WeedGuardPlus fertilizer is designed for slow release: this ensures greater plant uptake and reduces losses to leaching and volatilization.

Another advantage: WeedGuardPlus fertilizer is targeted. It fertilizes only the plants under the mulch — not your walkways, roads and/or tractor tire tracks. This increased fertilization efficiency reduces nutrient leaching and is a big benefit to the bottom line. WeedGuardPlus is USDA certified as 100% Bio-Based and is OMRI certified for organic production.

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