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Ken has been producing Pumpkin Seed Oil Since 2005
Here a few words from their website...
Rich, nutty and delicious. This beautiful, dark-red, gourmet oil is wonderful used in salad dressings.
Drizzle over squash soups, or enjoy its savory flavor as a dip for bread.

PBS - WISCONSINE recently did a special Local Farms program about Hay River Farm and Pumpkin Oil
Check out the episode here  

FULL 30 min PBS SPECIAL Friends in Prairie Farm (pbswisconsin.org)

Farm Video https://fb.watch/bEjxFk2Q-S/


Uncle Henry's Farm, Indiana PA

I am a Certified Naturally Grown farmer working just over an acre to produce diversified vegetables for a CSA and farmers markets. When I started farming at my current location, I was attracted to the idea of using a paper mulch due to its ability to break down into the soil reliably at season's end. Weed control is of utmost importance for me as the fields I am working have a pronounced hardpan due to over tillage in past years. I am counteracting these problems by using minimal tillage on permanent raised beds.

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I had found that even bio-plastic mulches do not always break down completely and would need to be rolled up and discarded  between successive plantings. The weed guard mulch eliminates this problem while providing effective weed control. While I do use drip irrigation, the water permeability of weed guard paper mulch is also an advantage over the plastic.

Initially, my only problem with the paper mulch was the difficulty of laying it out by hand. My farm is located on a fairly steep hillside and this made using a mulch layer with my walk behind tractor impractical. I have since worked out a reasonably efficient system for doing this without needing any expensive equipment. I would be happy to share my experience with any who are interested.

Uncle Henry’s Garden
Indiana, PA