Fortified Products

WeedGuardPlus fortified products can improve soil quality and can boost yields with no additional time and effort on your part. See below for options that have been fortified with key nutrients that are naturally released into the soil.

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WeedGuardPlus - Red
  • WeedGuardPlus - Red
  • Code: I¦FRAV009736000000100_Group
  • Special Prices On WeedGuardPlus "Red"
    WeedGuardPlus Red is a specially produced grade which has an acidic pH. This acidic fiber structure provides longer service life as the microbes will not consume the cellulose as quickly. Plus red is a higher weight, it is in-between (40% heavier than standard weight) and heavy weight (10% lower weight) WeedGuardPlus.

    Great for weed control around Blueberries.
Calcium Enriched
  • Calcium Enriched
  • Code: I¦FRAW009748000000100_Group
  • Fortified with calcium to strengthen plant cell walls, reduce calcium deficiency, and address soil salinity problems.
Humic Acid Enriched Rolls
  • Humic Acid Enriched Rolls
  • Code: I¦FRAO009748000000050_Group
  • Enriched with humic acid which may aid in micro-nutrient availability.

Humic Acid Enriched 24” Squares
  • Humic Acid Enriched 24” Squares
  • Code: FEAO2424-25PACK
  • Enriched with humic acid, may aid in micro-nutrient availability. Sheets allow for easy application around existing plants.

  • USD $12.99 /Each
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