Weeds are a threat to the successful establishment of any desired plant, including Hemp. It blocks weeds on a large production field, 3 acre organic farm or even in a small backyard gardens. Hand weeding takes a lot of time and seems endless. Controlling invasive species is nearly impossible. Chemical herbicides are toxic. Black plastic is bad for the environment.

There’s a better way. Below is a specific selection of our WeedGuard organic mulch and GeoMulch natural mulch grades which are ideal for weed control. They offer CBD Hemp growers a safe, effective, eco-friendly alternative to plastic and chemicals.

Saves Time and Money. Once you lay down our mulches, you’re done with weeds. No more hand-weeding or dangerous chemical spraying.

Promotes Healthy Plants.  WeedGuard and GeoMulch products allow plants to establish without competition from weeds. And because the material is porous, it’s easy for water and nutrients to reach plant roots. And unlike black plastic, roots aren’t “cooked,” this means healthier plant growth.


Organic Heavy Weight Rolls
  • Organic Heavy Weight Rolls
  • Code: IĀ¦FRAI011124000000100_Group
  • Heavy weight material offers maximum durability, even during heavy rain. Ideal for difficult, uneven terrain. OMRI Listed.


GeoMulch Heavy Weight
  • GeoMulch Heavy Weight
  • Code: FRWM006048000000500_Group
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      • Excellent Weed Control
      • Made from 100% Recycled Fibers 
      • Creped and Extra Strength
      • Porous to air and water
      • Biodegradable
      GeoMulch Heavy Weight - Use For:
      Habitat Restoration; Landscaping, Xeriscaping,

    • Horticultural Crop (Longer Season OK too) -
    • Can be machine applied;
    • Rolls - Currently limited availability