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Home GardeningWould you like to weed less and grow more? Do you want your garden to thrive, while reducing the amount of work for yourself?  Do you prefer to grow organically, without pesticides and plastics?

Then WeedGuardPlus is for you! This biodegradable paper weedblock offers many advantages:

Saves Time and Money. With WeedGuardPlus, you spare yourself endless hours of weeding, giving you more time to enjoy your garden. And unlike black plastic, you don’t have to remove and dispose of it at the end of the season. WeedGuardPlus decomposes naturally over the course of the growing season, adding beneficial organic material to the soil – with no work on your part!

Helps Plants Thrive. With WeedGuardPlus, your plants thrive without competition from weeds. What’s more, the porous material allows water, nutrients and air to pass through easily. Unlike black plastic, soil temperatures remain moderate and roots aren’t overheated. The result: happy plants!

Benefits the Environment. Organic ALL WeedGuardPlus Mulches are 100% Bio-Based and 100% biodegradable. The natural alternative to black plastic.

A Choice of Options. No matter what size your garden or what you grow, there’s a WeedGuardPlus product to fit your needs:

  • WeedGuard - Original Natural Organic Formulation available in 2 weights; plain or creped
  • WeedGuard - Earthtone aka EcoMulch: Natural Organic Formulation, creped for ease of laying, Earthtone brown, medium weight
  • WeedGuard - Black aka GeoMulch: Natural Organic Formulation, creped for easy manual or mechanical laying - Black for thermal heating of soil benefits, heavy weight
  • Humic acid fortified and Calcium fortified products: May aid in micronutrient availability
  • Wide choice of widths, lengths and pre-punched options suited to all types and sizes of commercial operations
  • Degradable Film Mulch  a compostable plastic mulch made from corn starch, offers an affordable eco-friendly choice for larger growers.

Easy to Apply.  All of our products are easy to apply manually, and our creped products are ideal for machine application. Follow the simple instructions, and watch your crops thrive, free of competition from weeds!

Our home garden application tips make using WeedGuardPlus a snap. Give it a try, and enjoy more bounty with less effort!