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gardenHave More Time to Enjoy Your Garden WeedGuardPlus is the natural choice for home and urban gardeners.
It's a high-performance paper mulch that stops weeds all season long.

Weeds rob your plants of water and essential nutrients. All of our WeedGuardPlus Mulches are 100% Bio-Based, 100% Biodegradable and 100% opaque to block weeds from growing
...while offering superior porosity to water, air, and the nutrients your plants need. Our mulches work through physics no chemicals/

With WeedGuardPlus Mulch Products, no weeds can grow—but your plants thrive.

WeedGuardPlus Mulches are easy to use and visually pleasing: the earth-brown color disappears into your garden. It is available in individual sheets or small roles to fit the needs of any size garden plot.

Why spend your gardening hours on weeding?

  • Is 100% opaque: no weeds can grow (physics not chemicals)
  • Allows water, air and nutrients through to the soil - this is really good
  • Promotes stronger, earlier plant growth
  • Helps extend your growing season
  • Is 100% Bio-Based and 100% biodegradable (adds organic matter to your soil as it decomposes)

Check it out: application is simple and easy
WeedGuardPlus Mulches give you a great return on a little labor before the growing season begins. Click on our easy-to-follow application instructions below, and take a look at the photo gallery for additional tips.

Give the Environment a Helping Hand
WeedGuardPlus is made from renewable resources, uses zero petroleum, and eliminates the need for herbicides. It's the perfect eco-friendly alternative to black plastic.

Home Garden Application Tips