GeoMulch Heavy Weight
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GeoMulch Heavy Weight

Product Code: FRWM006024000000500

New GeoMulch Heavy Weight is a sturdy and highly effective low cost weed block:

General Features

  • "Creped" for flexibility = easier machine or manual laying 
  • Excellent weed control
  • Heavy Weight GeoMulch provides great performance at an Economical cost per Square Foot
  • Made from 100% Recycled fiber
  • 16% heavier than Medium Weight GeoMulch and ideal for more demanding projects
  • Very Economical; A much better choice than plastic and GeoMulch is 100% Biodegradable !
  • Better for our environment, you can till into your soil any remaining material at end of season
  • Adds organic matter to the soil structure as it decomposes
  • Extended season use and strength at soil line for longer service life
  • Dark Brown/Black Color has heat retention benefits, assisting plants in earlier establishment

GeoMulch Heavy Weight is specially designed for effective weed control and extended life, use for:
Habitat Restoration; Landscaping (commercial & residential), Xeriscaping and Crop Production (Longer Season) Can be machine applied;
USD $68.57 /Rolls
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