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These options are all 100% Bio-Based Organic Natural Formulation. WeedGuardPlus Organic Rolls are not only better for the environment, they’re also one of the most effective weed suppression methods on the market. See below for manual and machine application options. OMRI Listed.

NOTE: Spring can bring on extreme weather, high velocity winds, torrential rains, hail, flooding and unpredictable climatic events. Laying out the WeedGuard, making plant holes and planting are not recommended during bad weather periods. If you are in a highly exposed field, where winds can be extreme, and heavy rains are expected, it is best to wait until conditions are good before proceeding. As climatic's and usage methods vary, we are not able to provide product performance guarantees. If you have questions or need help with installation, please give us a call 800-654-5432.

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