Retailer Display

Dear Retailer,

Thank you for your interest in our WeedGuardPlus organic mulch products. We have handy retail displays which contain 36 each 36" x 50 feet
retail rolls. These sturdy displays with attractive 4 color graphics can be placed anywhere in your store.
Display in Live Goods Area, Weed Control Products and Vegetable Seeds Area  

Contact Us for Pricing: 800-654-5432  or Mike at:

ROLL DISPLAY - 18" x 18" 

Roll Specs:    33 Each 36" x 50 feet Standard Weight WeedGuardPlus Certified Organic Mulch - OMRI Listed, USDA 100% Bio-Content

Display Specs:    L = 24" W = 24" x Skirt = 28" Rolls = 36"