Usage of WeedGuardPlus

No Matter What You Grow, WeedGuardPlus Will Provide Great Weed Control For You

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Discover why WeedGuardPlus is quickly becoming the favorite weed prevention solution among commercial growers, landscapers, and home gardeners

NOTE: Spring can bring on extreme weather, high velocity winds, torrential rains, hail, flooding and unpredictable climatic events. Laying out the WeedGuard, making plant holes and planting are not recommended during bad weather periods. If you are in a highly exposed field, where winds can be extreme, and heavy rains are expected, it is best to wait until conditions are good before proceeding. As climatic's and usage methods vary, we are not able to provide product performance guarantees. If you have questions or need help with installation, please give us a call 800-654-5432 


Production Agriculture:
Conventional & Organic

Weeds compete with your crops for moisture, nutrients, light and space. Find out why conventional and organic growers alike are turning to biodegradable WeedGuardPlus as the natural alternative to black plastic.

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Hoop Houses &
High Tunnels

Hoop houses and high tunnels provide ideal growing conditions – not just for plants, but for weeds, too! Learn why more and more growers are choosing WeedGuardPlus for hoop house and high tunnel production.

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Landscaping &
Habitat Restoration

Weeds and invasive plants are the bane of many landscapes, from small backyards to large parks. See how biodegradable WeedGuardPlus makes weed control both easy and environmentally friendly.

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Home Gardening &
Urban Farming

Would you like to weed less and grow more? Discover how our biodegradable WeedGuardPlus is helping gardeners everywhere save time, increase yields, improve their soil and more!

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