Organic Rolls (All)

Choose from three weights Lightweight, Standard and Heavy Weight to suit your unique growing needs. 100% Bio-Based Natural Organic Formulation
100% Bio-Degradable. OMRI Listed

Organic Pre-Punched
Save time with pre-punched planting holes.  A choice of configurations accommodate a variety of crops. 100% Bio-Based. OMRI Listed

GeoMulch Heavy Weight
Now Available
New GeoMulch Heavy Weight is a sturdy and highly effective low cost weed block
Fortified Products

Fortified products may aid in micro-nutrient availability, improve soil quality and boost yields effortlessly with products enriched with fertilizer, humic acid, or calcium.

Hemp Farming
Choose GeoMulch or WeedGuardPlus
organic for great weed control around your
Hemp plants. Two weights - 
Medium Weight and Heavy Weight
Degradable Mulch Film

Compostable plastic mulch made from corn starch offers an affordable, environmentally friendly option to large growers.

Tools & Supplies

Handy supplies for extending the growing season, speeding germination, planting faster, and more.

New Items
Take advantage of savings on these New Items. Limited time offers.
SPECIAL DISCOUNTS - On Custom Order Over Runs
We manufacture many custom orders; different configurations of 
length, width, sheets with special die cuts etc. We often have over
runs and in this section you will find some great deals...