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WeedGuardPlus is the premier all-natural and 100% biodegradable weed-suppressing mulch. It reduces weeding costs, eliminates removal and disposal costs, and improves water use efficiency. Ideal for commercial/conventional growers, organic growers, greenhouse growers, landscapers, and home gardeners.


WeedGuardPlus means stronger, healthier plants

WeedGuardPlus means a cost-effective growing season

WeedGuardPlus means responsible, sustainable growing

  • Provides excellent natural weed prevention
  • Gives plants a strong and early start
  • Allows air and water to penetrate
  • Reduces weeding costs and eliminates removal labor
  • Eliminates need for herbicides
  • Improves irrigation/water efficiency
  • 100% biodegradable over one growing season
  • Bio-based natural fiber materials
  • Natural, chemical-free choice


WGP for Production AgricultureWGP for Greenhouse/ High Tunnel WeedGuardPlus for Landscape & Restoration ProjectsWGP for Home Gardens

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New Products



Heavy Weight Organic 18" x 18" Sheets with Slit, Grade Code AI02

18" x 18" Squares - Pre-Slit and
Center "X"

For all your berry plants and new orchard plantings

  • OMRI Listed Organic Natural Formulation
  • Give your new planting's a stronger and healthier start;
  • Super Easy to Use, WeedGuardPlus mulch Squares block weeds,
  • Allow plants and soil to breath and feed the soil with organic matter as it biodegrades
  • All-Natural Weed Controlling Mulch Squares
  • Pre-Slit with "Center X" for easy and quick placement around plants

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New product

Organic Heavy Weight 18" OD Circles with Slit, and center cut out hole; Grade Code WC

  • New ! Super Easy to Use
  • 18" OD CIRCLES - Pre-Slit and Center Hole
  • For Berry Plants, Orchard Plantings and Perennial Landscaping
  • OMRI Listed Organic Natural Formulation

Give your new planting's a stronger and healthier start;
Super Easy to Use, WeedGuardPlus mulch 18" OD Circles block weeds,
Allow plants and soil to breath and feed the soil with organic matter as it biodegrades

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New product

XCP O.N.E. Lubricant and Protectant
99% Bio-Based

  • Higher Performance Multipurpose Spray
  • More consistent and reliable machine functionality
  • Less breakdowns and equipment fatigue
  • Smoother operation reduces machine repairs and equipment downtime
  • Pump Spray Bottle

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Standard Weight Creped, Organic Grower Rolls

NEW 60" Width Now Available

OMRI Listed Organic Formulation
All Natural Weed Suppressing Mulch
"Creped" for easiest handling, flexible with good durability and contours nicely to highly textured soils
Suitable for machine laying

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Heavy Weight Organic Non-Fertilized Rolls

OMRI Listed Organic Natural Formulation

All-Natural Weed Suppressing Mulch
50% Heavier than regular Organic Formulation Roll out by hand or with raised or flat bed layer
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5-5-5 Fertilized Enriched
All ITEMS 25% - 30% OFF !!

Balanced All Purpose Fertilizer
provides excellent weed control plus
delivers essential nutrients for optimal
plant vitality
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On Sale: Standard Weight Creped, Organic Grower Rolls

On Sale: Fortified with CalciumPlus 1.7%

On Sale: Fortified with CalciumPlus 1.7%

Degradable* Corn Starch Film Mulch, Grower Rolls

Save Up To $110 per Roll !!!
New Pallet quantity discounts!

Mulch Made from Corn Starch
Suppresses weeds / moderates soil temperature
Good weed control
* Degradability dependent on climate and soil conditions
Can be tractor applied, suitable for flat or raised beds

While supplies last

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Fortified with CalciumPlus 1.7%

On Sale!

1.7% CalciumPlus Fortified WeedGuardPlus (Organic Base)
Delivers 19 lbs of Calcium per acre

All-Natural Weed Preventing Mulch, Fortified to Strengthen Plant Cell Walls
Reduces risk of Calcium Deficiency
For control and prevention of Blossom End Rot

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Fortified with Humic Acid

2% Humic Acid Enriched WeedGuardPlus (Organic Base)

All-Natural Weed Preventing Mulch
Fortified to Restore Soil Fertility
Excellent for giving back to your soil and rebuilding vital soil dynamics

While supplies last

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Universities and Etension Research

Qualification / Certifications

All of our organic standard and heavy weight items (plain & creped) plus
all of the pre-punched items are USDA and OMRI certified.